The History of Welsh Histories

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Welsh Histories began in October of 2023. Originally, it was founded solely as a Facebook page for its founder, Niklas, to cope with his hiraeth after leaving the fictional suns of Sunny Rhyl for the actual suns of Pune, Maharashtra. Very quickly, however, it evolved into something else.

A community rapidly formed around Welsh Histories and our native Welsh history posts, so we began to expand. Initially, we did so by incorporating a daily “Welsh Word of the Day” video reel. We began creating history content on YouTube, under the now defunct name “Collective Histories” before moving onto launching the digital Welsh Histories Magazine in March of 2024. In recent times, we have written for Bylines Cymru; have been shared on countless social media accounts and have risen to a community of over 20,000 strong.

Welsh Histories’ natural goal is simple: to create engaging, insightful and educational Welsh history content which promotes our history, culture and language. Now that we have a website and blog, we can do this at a whole new level; taking written contributions from qualified historians, history enthusiasts and those with an immense passion for Cymru.