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Welsh Histories is always on the look out for those wishing to write for us. We are especially interested in historical article contributions from any time period. We are, however, more interested in native Welsh history than non-native, though exceptions might be made on a quality basis.

Welsh Histories is, for now, entirely voluntary and we do not employ any staff. So please understand that we are not in a position to pay for articles at this moment in time.

If you are interested in writing for Welsh Histories about history, please submit any article pitches to Niklas at niklas@welshhistories.co.uk

Humans of Cymru

We are also interested in unique personal stories for our Humans of Cymru section of the blog. These stories can be about yourself or someone close to you (a family member or partner, for example).

Humans of Cymru is part of Welsh Histories and is committed to publishing unique, inspiring stories about everyday people from Cymru.

If you are interested in writing for Humans of Cymru about either your own, personal story or the story of someone close to you, please submit any article pitches to Sally at sallygeorge@welshhistories.co.uk